• Johan Djourou And Abou Diaby Visit Arsenal FC And 'Save The Children' Funded School

Johan Djourou And Abou Diaby Visit Arsenal FC And 'Save The Children' Funded School (Photo : Getty Images)

If there is anyone to blame for the rising number of incidents involving sexual abuse of young Chinese, it is partly because of the reluctance of local schools to having prevention of abuse subjects.

Sun Xuemei, one of the founders of Girls’ Protection Foundation, an organization established in 2013 to prevent sexual violence against kids, noted the hesitation of Chinese schools to tackle a subject still considered a taboo in Chinese society, reported Global Times.

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The group, which funds studies, campaigns and lectures to hold sex education presentations and talks to young Chinese students, is pushing for sex education as a subject to prevent sexual abuse so young students – 60 million of whom are left-behind children – would be taught about their bodies, the right to privacy and defining physical boundaries.

When Fei Yunxia, a volunteer for the group, spoke to Hunan pupils about bodies and rights, she noticed most of the students avoided having eye contact with her, while there was an awkward silence during the lecture session.

In 2015, Fei lectured to about 2,000 students in four Hunan schools. For 2016, she aims to reach more schools.

Although the foundation received 968 complaints of sexual assault with 1,790 minors as victims from 2013 through 2015, the numbers are just the tip of the iceberg. The People’s Public Security University of China pointed out that for every report of sexual abuse, there are seven more unreported ones.

Increasing compensation to young sexual abuse victims could go a long way in dissuading Chinese males from sexually abusing the youth. Foreign Policy urged young Chinese who became sexual assault victims to go viral, the most effective way to avenge their assailants and in response to investigators considering assault cases lightly.