• "Southern Charm" stars rally behind Thomas Ravenel

"Southern Charm" stars rally behind Thomas Ravenel (Photo : Facebook/Southern Charm)

"Southern Charm" fans were surprised with news of Thomas Ravenel winning his custody battle against Kathryn Dennis after she failed the drug test required by the court. Turns out, her "Southern Charm" co-stars already knew about her alleged "addiction" even before the news broke.

In last Monday's episode of "Watch What Happens Live," via Reality Tea, the "Southern Charm" stars confirmed that Dennis actually failed the court mandated drug test. Landon Clements said that it was "heartbreaking" and "hard to watch." While they all seemed quite sympathetic towards Dennis in the beginning, things started to get sour when host Andy Cohen asked them why they had been so accepting of Ravenel's behavior while they were quick to judge Dennis.

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"He passed his drug test," Clements argued.

Cohen tried to explain that they were lashing at her even before the results of the drug test came out. Whitney Sudler-Smith jumped in and said that they had been portrayed as "mean and snobby" characters to such a "poor, helpless unwed mother" but argued that Dennis is anything but.

"In fact she is a drug addict, violent sociopath and we want nothing to do with her," Sudler Smith said.

In the end, the "Southern Charm" stars all believed that they were not at all icing Dennis out. They added that they no longer wanted to be involved in Ravenel and Dennis' relationship.

Clements also insisted that Dennis has always been jealous of her close friendship with Ravenel. While she kept explaining that there is nothing going on between them, Dennis allegedly cannot help but feel insecure of how close the two of them are. Clements explained that Dennis cannot have a stable relationship with Ravenel, which is why she consistently tries to put her in his bad side.

 "We're just friends and I think that was Kathryn's biggest problem because the friendship I have with Thomas is what she really longed for. It's sad and I tried to be Kathryn's friend and she just wasn't having it. We were friendly for a minute and then she just turned on me," Clements said.