• Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S (Photo : Twitter)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk claimed over the weekend in a Twitter post that the company's Model S electric car can float for short periods of time like a boat. He also shared video of a Tesla electric vehicle (EV) "swimming" in a flooded tunnel in the Central Asian country Kazakhstan. Musk recommends that Tesla owners not test the flotation abilities of their green cars, but pointed out that the battery and drive units are sealed.     

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In the video the electric car floats like a boat as small waves lap over the auto's hood. However, the gas-powered vehicles around it sink in the water.

Most gasoline cars drop into H2O after the exhaust gets flooded. While it is not a problem for EVs, it is unknown how being in deep water affects other car parts.

The sealed auto components protect the electronics. In addition, the Tesla co-founder explained that the vehicle's thrust is provided by the turning of the wheels.

However, even if Tesla cars can float like boats, people should not do experiments with their EVs. Electrek noted that most insurance policies and Tesla's own warranty do not cover damage that results from driving cars through flooded streets.

After his first tweet Musk shared that Tesla is planning to build a "sports sub car," according to BGR. However, he stated that a car/submarine hybrid would be a side project because public demand for such a vehicle would be low.

One Tesla Easter Egg for the Model S is that the car's image in the suspension setting menu can be swapped. It can be changed to James Bond's car/sub Lotus Esprit.  

In related news, Tesla is trying to convince some Model 3 reservation holders to buy a Model S instead, according to Carscoops. The automaker recently sent out emails to Model 3 customers suggesting that they upgrade to a Model S.

The lower-priced Model S 60 costs $66,000, while the Model 3 has a base price of $35,000.

Model 3 reservation holders throughout the US and Canada have reportedly received the upgrade offer from Tesla. The car company has also shared a customer story about a couple that decided to cancel their Model 3 reservation and buy a Model S instead.