• Sony plans to unveil PlayStation Neo next month.

Sony plans to unveil PlayStation Neo next month. (Photo : YouTube/ PlayStation)

If reports are anything to go by, Sony will launch a new console called the PlayStation Neo, 4K or 4.5 this year. PlayStation 4 was launched back in 2013.

Let's find out if PlayStation Neo is better than PlayStation 4

Several reports indicate that the PlayStation Neo will have overall greater performance capacities than the PlayStation 4. The PlayStation Neo will be powered by an AMD GCN GPU that completely supports 4K resolutions.

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The newer console will be able to run present 1080p games on a constant 60 fps at max settings and provide essential power for improved graphics in terms of the VR scene.

Furthermore, the PlayStation Neo is expected to have a graphic processing with 36 CUs at 911 MHz, faster memory bandwidth of 218 Gbps and better clock speed of 2.1 GHz. The PlayStation 4 is powered by an AMD GCN and provides 18 CUs at 800 MHz for graphics, 176 Gbps for bandwidth and 1.6 Ghz processing speed.

Games that are produced for the PlayStation Neo will also be produced for the PlayStation 4. Andrew House, Head of PlayStation, said that all games will be supported across both gaming consoles, games that presently work on the PlayStation 4 will work with the PS Neo and vice versa.

This is a relief for present console gamers who own the PlayStation 4 as they will not have to purchase another console only to play the newest games.

Daily Mail reported that the PlayStation Neo will cost about $399. The reason for the low price is that the tech company wants as many PlayStation 4 owners to upgrade as possible to the PlayStation Neo.

Gamers who do purchase the PlayStation Neo console will still require to buy a separate $350 PlayStation virtual reality headset to make use of the VR-ready capabilities of the PlayStation Neo, excluding the other required accessories.

Also, there is a forthcoming Xbox release from the tech giant Microsoft, therefore, Sony may lose its market base if it places a huge sum on the newer console.

According to an iDigitalTimes report, Xbox Project Scorpio will be released next year. It is said that the Project Scorpio will bring several new features to a gaming console.

There are speculations that the price of PlayStation 4 will be lowered once the PlayStation Neo releases.