• 5SOS supports Niall Horan's solo career

5SOS supports Niall Horan's solo career (Photo : Instagram/Michael Clifford)

A lot of things have changed since 5 Seconds of Summer opened for One Direction in their world tour. Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Michael Clifford, and Ashton Irwin sure went from just being the opening act to being one of the most popular boybands in the world today. While they somewhat owe their fame to 1D, the boys recently revealed that they have not gotten in touch with them after the tour.

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According to Unreality TV, 5SOS have barely kept in touch with One Direction following the tour. Given their busy schedule, this news did not come as a surprise. The boys, however, said that they tried to stay friends with everyone, but had only spoken with Niall Horan since. Ashton Irwin revealed that they are still in contact, calling him a "good lad."

After One Direction announced that they are going on an extended hiatus, multiple reports claim that the split is going to be permanent. They held that Horan, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson will soon follow Zayn Malik's footsteps and pursue solo careers. Although 5SOS is not privy with 1D's plans, Irwin said that they would be the first ones to line up for Horan's solo album.

"I'd like to hear some Irish folk from him," he joked.

Irwin, however, quickly mentioned that Horan seemed to be busy pursuing his other passion: golf.

"I know Niall is pursuing golf, though. If you check his Instagram, he posts about golf a lot," he said.

In other news, 5SOS' Michael Clifford told Australian radio presenter Smallzy, via Unreality TV, shared that they created such complex passwords for their social media accounts in an effort to thwart would-be hackers. Clifford said that they managed to come up with such complicated passwords after their accounts had been compromised. The only problem is, they now have a hard time remembering what it was.

"The old ones weren't that difficult, but the new ones are. Now we're struggling to log into our Snapchat account because the password is so long! There's like 400 letters in it now," Clifford said.