• Vladislav Martynov, CEO of Yota Devices, presents the new YotaPhone smartphone.

Vladislav Martynov, CEO of Yota Devices, presents the new YotaPhone smartphone. (Photo : Reuters)

Nascent Russian technology company Yota Devices announced this week that they have struck a deal with state-backed Potevio Co. to sell their two-screen YotaPhone2 handset in the Chinese smartphone marketplace.

The company, which struggled with the first version of the device, hopes that its novel design, localized features and low-end price will lead to its success in China.

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Based in the Russian capital, Chief Executive Vlad Martynov told reporters on Tuesday that its joint arrangement with Potevio would mean that sales of the YotaPhone2 will commence throughout China during the current quarter.

The CEO explained in a phone interview: "China will be the biggest market in terms of volumes, no doubt about that."

The first version of the YotaPhone flopped in global terms, selling poorly in the 20 nations where it was marketed. In its review of the latest iteration, the TechCrunch site described the first model as "a mess of compromises, generally unfit for use beyond an R&D lab."

However, the tide has certainly turned with the YotaPhone2, as TechCrunch's writer states that it is:

". . . an amazing example of massive improvement through just one generation of iteration. YotaPhone 2 . . . is . . . a well-designed smartphone no matter how you look at it."

The reviewer described a handset with "pleasing looks and a curved case with a nice weight that just always feels awesome to hold."

In terms of the Chinese end of the arrangement, a Potevio representative said that it sold 36 million phones in China in 2014, reaping revenue of 46 billion yuan ($7.4 billion).

Yota Devices is hoping to draw on this past success by partnering with Potevio for its launch into its first mainstream market.