• Kris of EXO

Kris of EXO (Photo : Facebook/Kris)

Another South Korean male celebrity is blaming his “ex-girlfriend” for his damaged reputation. On Thursday, Wu Yi Fan, more known as former EXO member Kris, sought damage of 220,000 yuan from his so-called ex-girlfriend.

The damage is for a defamation of character lawsuit that Kris filed for online slander, reported AllKpop. The lawsuit stemmed from the publication of the photo of a man in bed whom the woman, who claimed to be Kris’s former girlfriend, said was the Kpop singer.

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It seems women from the singer’s past are making life difficult for Kris since another female, also claiming to be the ex-girlfriend of Wu Yi Fan, posted an audio of an alleged conversation between the two of them.

The problem with the young women has become so messy that Kris’s mother had stepped in and asked the second woman, named Shao Gna, to stop causing her son trouble because he is suffering so much from their false claims. But the young woman claiming to be Kris’s girlfriend did not heed the mother’s request and continue to call the Kpop star, although he is ignoring her calls.

In early June, Kim Hyun Joong, a Korean celebrity, blamed the scandal created by his former girlfriend, Ms. Choi, for his reduced earnings which should have been as high as “Descendants of the Sun” actor Song Joong-ki. After Ms. Choi accused Kim Hyun Joong of assault in August 2014 which led to negative publicity for the actor, his endorsement and concert contracts in South Korea, Japan and China were cancelled.