• The star-shaped design for the Beijing airport.

The star-shaped design for the Beijing airport. (Photo : www.china.org.cn)

The design proposed for the new airport terminal in Beijing serves as a reflection of China's rich history, and would also set as a symbol for the country's striking growth in the following years ahead, according to the architects and designers working on the project.

The design blueprint for the upcoming airport was released on Monday. The star-shaped terminal will include "an integrated multimodal transport center featuring direct links to local and national rail services including the high-speed rail," according to British company ZahaHadid Architects.

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"The overall symmetry of the project and the flowing, curving forms integrate the design into a harmonious composition which evokes Chinese culture--its colors and materials are also emblematic of Chinese traditional visual language," said the spokesman from the company.

The new airport was made to be "a key transport hub within Beijing's growing infrastructure development and a catalyst for the region's economic development, including the city of Tianjin and Hebei Province."

The airport terminal was co-designed by ZahaHadid Architects with French firm of architecture ADP Ingenierie.

The French airport specialist ADPI won an international competition for the project's design that was set up in 2011. In Oct. 2014, the Beijing New Airport Headquarters partnered ADPI and the ZahaHadid Architects together to team up and assemble the design.

The new history-inspired airport will be placed in Beijing's southern Daxing district. The terminal will be built to accommodate 45 million passengers annually, and upon completion, it is expected to be the world's largest airport passenger terminal.