• Jared Leto plays Joker in "Suicide Squad" which will be in theaters from Aug. 5.

Jared Leto plays Joker in "Suicide Squad" which will be in theaters from Aug. 5. (Photo : YouTube / Clevver Movies)

"Suicide Squad" is ready for the public to see and Director David Ayer gave a caveat that the audience should be set for something they never ever have seen before. Ayer took to Twitter and announced that they are already officially wrapping post production stuff.

Ayer created curiosity by saying there is nothing like the film out there. Actor Jared Leto who plays Joker echoed Ayer's statement, saying the audience can expect lots of chaos and fun. In an interview with Deadline, the actor said their upcoming movie is "completely different than other movies in the genre."

The coverage of Ayer's project did not fully give details for the last few months. It was announced Batman will show up and the film went dark after that. As for his character, Leto said, "Aww, it was a role of a lifetime. Really, it was an incredible honor to be asked to play the part."

The versatile actor feels grateful of the chance because Joker has been in many performances over the years. Wonderful artists have drawn him while writers penned about him for over 75 years via film, animated and TV projects.

"Suicide Squad" is the first DC Comics Extended Universe movie that is not directed by Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. want directors to be more creative over DC properties. It released a "Bohemian Rhapsody" trailer or the one that features Queen's song, which was well received, but the studio reportedly wanted the film to be funnier. The cast tried to reshoot and appeared to have no big deal with it while fans are worried what the final outcome would be as it may change the tone of the film.

As the movie's release is getting close, its marketing push has stepped up. New posters of the full squad are out as well as individual character one-sheets, while capitalizing on the buzz generated by the songs associated with the film, reported Screen Rant. Aside from Leto, Margot Robbie, Viola Davis, Jai Courtney and Will Smith star in Ayer's movie among others. It will be in theatres starting Aug. 5.

The following video plays trailers of Ayer's upcoming film.