• Shanghai Metro Line 2

Shanghai Metro Line 2 (Photo : Wikimedia Commons)

As the busiest time of the year in China, and possibly the entire world, is scheduled to begin, the plight of security inspectors at the nation's train stations has been highlighted by the Shanghai Daily.

Even though global events should have led to a greater sense of caution among the commuters of Shanghai, it appears that the intensive demands of hectic daily life consistently prevails.

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One of the city's 4,765 inspectors conveyed a series of insults that she bears the brunt of on a daily basis, including moron, dog, psychopath and fortune cat (the last refers to the clay figure seen throughout the country that constantly waves its arm) as Metro inspectors are required to undertake similar movements.

Wei Weiqi, 21 years old, explained why she must raise her arm repeatedly: ". . . it is a required part of my job, and the security cameras are there to make sure I do this, otherwise, there will be punishment."

Punishment is certainly relevant in this context, as inspectors who do not stop undercover foremen--they are sent into the stations to test the inspection staff--can be fined a maximum of 100 yuan ($16) from a monthly wage of around 2,000 yuan.

Furthermore, disciplinary measures can include intensive training and negligence warnings, with four warnings within a year-long period considered a possible reason for termination.

For anyone who dismisses the value of the Metro inspectors in Shanghai, it is worth noting that the city's authorities confiscated 33,686 banned items throughout the entire Metro network in 2014, including gasoline and diesel, firecrackers, replica guns and restricted knives.

The placement of inspectors in Shanghai's Metro system is not merely a knee-jerk response to political affairs in a distant nation--the dangers are present among China's very own citizens.

For those who wish to enjoy a safe and pleasant Spring Festival, compliance with the authorities is highly recommended. Otherwise, you can always join the 74 people who were arrested last year for refusing to cooperate with inspectors.