• ‘Dragon Ball Super’ episodes 55, 56 and 57 synopses released after titles: Run Black Goku! They are coming [SPOILERS]

‘Dragon Ball Super’ episodes 55, 56 and 57 synopses released after titles: Run Black Goku! They are coming [SPOILERS] (Photo : Facebook/Gojiitaaf)

Goku Black is in the present as he  has travelled using his mysterious Time Ring. He meets Son Goku, Trunks and others in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 50 titled "Goku vs. Black! The Path to the Sealed Future."

Warning: This article contains the complete recap of the recently aired "Dragon Ball Super" episode. Read to know more.

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"Dragon Ball Super" episode 50 recap

The episode starts with Goku Black hanging mid-air in front of the dark portal. He is looking at Trunks, Son Goku, Beerus, Whis and others. 

Elsewhere, Beerus and Whis notice the ring Goku Black is wearing. Trunks wants to know how he has managed to travel and follow him in the present.

Black tells him that he followed his path through space and time. Vegeta doesn't want Trunks to fight Black as he feels that he is more powerful. However, before Vegeta can challenge Black for a duel, Son Goku flies to battle Black.

Black is feeling honoured to fight Goku and expresses his feelings. He reveals that he wanted to fight Son Goku in the body of Black and Goku is confused about this statement.

Meanwhile, Kuririn doesn't know who Black is and Bulma tells him that he is the one who killed her.

In "Dragon Ball Super" episode 50, Goku starts the fight in his base form and they exchange punches and kicks. Later, Goku transforms into Super Saiyan and Black finds it exciting. At the same time, Black's ki is also rising and he wants Goku to power up.

Elsewhere, Trunks notes that Goku is not using the same technique and powers he used while fighting him in episode 49. Vegeta tells Trunks that Goku has this habit of not fighting seriously in the beginning.

Both Black and Goku are not unleashing their full powers during the battle. Meanwhile, Whis and Beerus feels that Black's ki is different from that of Goku's.

Goku decides to up his powers and attack Black. Black is losing and he is happy about it. He thinks the pain will make him stronger and this grosses out Goku.

Due to the power generated during the fight, Trunks' time machine topples and Black notices it.

Soon, Black is being sucked back into the portal, but before going back he destroys the time machine. Black has returned to the future and Whis notes that Black is forced to go back due to distortions in time that is created by the passage the time machine created.

Whis explains that Black simply ran out of time and was sucked back in the portal.

In the future, Black Goku looks tired as he crashes down. However, he notes that since Trunks is not in the future so no one can stop him from killing the Earthlings.

Trunks is asked about Black's powers and he reveals that he is little stronger than the last time. Vegeta explains that there is nothing to worry about as Goku did not use his full powers during the battle.

Meanwhile, the Pilaf gang appear in firemen suits and try to put the down flames down. However, they could not save the time machine. It is beyond repair. Bulma has an idea and she rushes back to the lab. Later, she returns with a capsule and it becomes Cell's time machine which can be repaired.

During the episode, Beerus is happy that the time machine is destroyed and humans cannot manipulate time.

Towards the end, Mai's lifeless body is shown, but wait, her hand just moved. Mai is not dead.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 51 airs July 10, Sunday. Stay tuned for more "Dragon Ball Super" spoilers and news.