• Roman Reigns flexes his muscles before a wrestling match.

Roman Reigns flexes his muscles before a wrestling match. (Photo : Twitter/@GazetteReview)

The WWE suspended Roman Reigns for 30 days on June 21 after violating the company's Wellness Policy for the first time in his career. Many fans are wondering what substance Reigns tested positive to and it might have been amphetamines.

According to Daily Wrestling News, Reigns tested positive for amphetamine but there is no word on what kind was detected in his system. It should be noted that he also tested positive for marijuana. The WWE was not happy about both failed tests but he was suspended for the harder drug.

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The WWE usually just give fines for marijuana failures and suspension for other drugs. However, it was rumored that Reigns failed his wellness test due to fat burners, Cageside Seats reports. This drug can be bought over the counter to lose calories quickly but there are also illegal fat burners.

The failed drug test for Reigns was certainly a shock to everyone because he was the WWE champion when he got busted. He was reportedly ordered by Triple H to apologize on Twitter and the WWE locker room.

The pressure on Reigns might have been too much since the WWE has failed to get him over the WWE universe. It has been two years of trying everything from making him an underdog, to a dominating champion but all of that was not effective.

However, it does not stop Vince McMahon from giving up on him as they will reportedly get give him a redemption storyline in his return. He is still scheduled to wrestle at Battleground and participate in The Shield Triple Threat Match for the WWE championship against Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins.

The Guy is not expected to regain the WWE title and he will likely be booked as a wrestler that has lost his confidence due to his suspension. He would be used a sympathetic figure to get him over the crowd but the WWE will need to let him be himself. They should not give him lines and make him a sound like a robot.

It would be better for his career if the WWE lets him become a new character, separate from The Shield persona he still has. When off camera, Reigns has some personality and he could get over if he is not forced to become he is not.

Check out the video below for a Rollins shoot-like promo about Reigns' suspension.