"Descendants of the Sun" star Song Joong Ki, 30, recently talked about his new role as Park Moo Young in "Battleship Island," an upcoming historical period drama film directed by Ryoo Seung-Wan. He also discussed his diet plan and training program for his new role in the said film.

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On July 1, the actor's official fan club in Singapore, Ki Aile, took to Twitter to post Song's transcript of an interview with Marie Claire Korea. During the interview, Song confirmed that his next project would be "Battleship Island," wherein he will portray another soldier role.

"No matter what kind of work, before the filming, there'll definitely be worries regarding these, but I had confidence in "Descendants of the Sun," Song told Marie Claire Korea, as cited by SongJoongKi_SG. "I can't only rely on the reaction from the audience, I need to concentrate all my efforts to immersing into this work and the script."

Song proceeded to say that it is an honor to work with co-stars Hwang Jung Min, So Ji Sub and Lee Jong Hyung. He also revealed that the filming for the movie officially began on June 17 in Cheongju, South Korea and will probably take around six to seven months.

"I believe in Hwang Jung Min, So Ji Sub, and Lee Jong Hyung," Song added. "I think it will be very enjoyable, and will definitely be inspiring each other with our infinite potentials."

Set amid the Japanese colonial period, "Battleship Island" recounts the concealed story of hundreds of Koreans that was exploited on Hashima Island during the 1940s. The film heavily focuses on 400 exploited Koreans, who risk their lives to escape from the said place, with the help of the Korean Independence group.

"Battleship Island's" ensemble cast and convoluted, interesting plot seemingly builds anticipation for the film. In the film, Hwang will play the bandmaster at Kyungsung Hotel, Lee Kang Ok, who was swindled by the words he could perform in Japan but ended up in the "Battleship Island."

"Oh My Venus" star So Ji Sub, on the other hand, will play the most dreaded fighter in Gyeongseong, Choi Chil Seong, who conquered the encompassing region of Jongro Street. In addition, actress Lee Jeong Hyeon, 36, has been cast to take on the role of Mal Nyeon, who was kept to serve as sex slaves to men in the Japanese military.

Adding fuel to the flame, Song previously revealed that he is expected to undergo a shocking transformation for his new role in the film. Speaking before a predominantly Korean crowd, Song uncovered that he is currently on a strict diet, in an effort to make his body shape fit the character, The Kpop Herald reported.

The Hallyu star added that he is currently undergoing additional training programs, with an end goal to appear more manly and mature. He is also expected to shave his hair bald for the film.

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