• PlayStation 4 Pro is no match for the most powerful Xbox Project Scorpio

PlayStation 4 Pro is no match for the most powerful Xbox Project Scorpio (Photo : YouTube/ LS Shady)

Fans have only two more months before Sony's PlayStation 4 Neo console confirmed launching date, which may happen before or during Tokyo Game Show this September.

The New PlayStation 4 NEO gets gamers around the globe hyped and expectant over the specs and features it promises to offer. According to Giant Bomb, the new PlayStation NEO will be attached with eight Jaguar central Processing Unit cores in 2.1 GHz, which is expected to improve clock speed and graphics.

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Recent reports also claim that it will be set with 4k resolution that would allow better virtual reality experience. Additionally, it is reportedly equipped with backwards compatibility, which means that models released three years ago will work just as good with this new console. In fact, TechInsider shared that there will be no games from PS4 which will not properly work on this new console.

Unfortunately, EuroGamer claims that the backwards compatibility also means that no new game will be exclusively offered by this new PS4 NEO version. Sony has been very cautious on the information about their new model, so the authenticity of this claim is yet to be seen.

Meanwhile, it can't be denied that competition in the gaming industry is getting tighter and tighter. Recently, another giant company, Microsoft, also revealed their project on developing Xbox One S, which is said to be similar with Sony's PlayStation 4 NEO, in terms of cool features and advanced specs.

According to reports, Microsoft will release the upgraded Xbox One S prior to Sony's PS4 NEO. Mike Ybarra brought it to Tweeter to say that the new Xbox One S under the Project Scorpio has an AMD SoC (System-on-Chip) that can make it scale-up with the existing Xbox One.  This is the same technology that is said to be used by Sony's new PlayStation 4 NEO.