• Photo of alleged alien base on the Moon taken by China's Chang'e 2 spacecraft

Photo of alleged alien base on the Moon taken by China's Chang'e 2 spacecraft (Photo : CNSA)

Karl Wolfe, a retired photo technician working for a U.S. Air Force intelligence unit, claims to have seen top secret photos taken back in 1965 that clearly show "structures" appearing to be an alien base standing on the dark side of the Moon.

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More than five decades ago, Wolfe worked for the Air Force Director of Intelligence at the Headquarters Tactical Air Command in Langley Field, Virginia. He claims he was one of only two technicians with security clearance to work with the photographic equipment that processed information from U-2 spy planes and from other military intelligence devices.

He alleges he learned about the lunar photographs of the dark side of the moon in 1965 during a top secret intelligence meeting.

He narrated his boss came over to him and said they were having a problem with some equipment on the first lunar orbiter, whose mission was to locate the first landing sites for the 1969 lunar landing mission for Apollo astronauts.

He said a colleague explained that enhanced images clearly showed structures on the surface of the dark side of the Moon. He believed these structures "were definitely not created by natural means, such as meteors, or ancient collisions with other heavenly bodies. The structures were created by intelligent beings."

"I was stunned by this extraordinary disclosure. I was shaking, trying to take in the enormity of what I was told," he said.

He was later shown the photos of the alleged alien base.

"I was now looking down at the very photographs. I could clearly make out geometric shapes, well organized and well designed. Most noticeable were what looked exactly like radar antennas, very similar to what one could see on Earth.

"There was no doubt now in my mind why the odd complement of scientists and investigators were in attendance at this place on this day. They had arrived to see and study what he was looking at now; structures made by intelligent beings on the Moon."

Skeptics, however, pooh-poohed Wolfe's claims saying his story was never backed up by any hard evidence, only hearsay.

Other UFOlogists claim photos taken by China's Chang'e 2 unmanned lunar probe launched in October 2010 clearly show alien structures on the Moon's surface. Some of these fanatics even claim China has even made contact with these aliens.