• Huawei

Huawei (Photo : Reuters)

True to its vision for a better connected world via technological breakthroughs, China's telecommunications giant Huawei introduced on Monday the Car Wi-Fi system which allows up to 10 mobile gadget users to have an accessible Internet while on the road.

"The connected car is an important opportunity for growth," Javier Palacios, the marketing director of Huawei Device Spain, remarked.

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"With Huawei Car Wi-Fi, we are not only maintaining our promise to make a better connected world possible, but also to enter into another segment of the market, which has a promising future," he added.

Jointly presented with France's Orange, a mobile network provider, the new Wi-Fi system lauds a stable 4G connection that comes in a lightweight, 59-by-49-by-88-millimeter package.

The Wi-Fi gadget, which only weighs 50 grams, is launched in the market with an affordable price of only 99 euros ($110).

The strategic Huawei-Orange team-up claims that it is the first to introduce multi-terminal Internet access in automobiles.

"With Car Wi-Fi, we once again show that we are the first to offer an exclusive and innovative solution to our clients," Mickael Faure, Orange Spain's Residential Mobile Marketing director, said.

"The question 'are we there yet?' that children always ask on journeys, will end with Car Wi-Fi," Faure enthused during the presentation.

The partnership between the two companies that launched the Car Wi-Fi is expected to change the course of Wi-Fi technology as it opens the door for a more stable and wider range of mobile 4G connection for people on the go.