• Actress Kiko Mizuhara attends the "Attack on Titan' World Premiere on July 14, 2015 in Hollywood, California.

Actress Kiko Mizuhara attends the "Attack on Titan' World Premiere on July 14, 2015 in Hollywood, California. (Photo : Getty Images / Rachel Murray)

Japanese actress and model Kiko Mizuhara aka G-Dragon's alleged ex-girlfriend apologized to Chinese netizens for three incidents. She denied she is not the person in the pictures taken in Yasukuni Shrine and Tiananmen which are both controversial locations. She likewise said sorry for posing in front of a Rising Sun Flag.

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Mizuhara has been believed to be the ex-girlfriend of Kwon "G-Dragon" Ji Yong, 27, frontman of famous K-pop boy band Bigbang, though it was never confirmed, All KPop reported. The American national becomes a controversial figure in Japan where she is liked by some but hated by others. She is not a Japanese by blood, but a half-Korean. Yet, she is not liked in Korea because she is considered a right wing Japanese, according to Arama Japan.

Mizuhara's apologies were done via China-based SNS service, Weibo, on July 15, Friday, after a threat from angry Chinese netizens to boycott a movie that has her as one of the cast members. The upcoming film with Mizuhara is directed by Chinese director Zhao Wei.

"I would like to sincerely apologize to everyone in China and clarify a few things in this video...," Mizuhara said in the video. "I currently live in Japan, but I was actually born in the United States. My dad is American, and my mom is a Korean born in Japan."

Having considered herself a global citizen, the model-actress added she learned to respect various cultures. She said she has many close Chinese pals and called the Chinese culture, "amazing." The 25-year-old admitted she is anti-war and supports world peace.

The Japanese-American model confirmed she is not the person posing in the Yasukuni Shrine and Tiananmen. Many Chinese find the shrine offensive as it is associated with war atrocities while Tiananmen is also a hated site for a bloody protest in 1989.

The Japanese star likewise apologized for posing in front of the Rising Sun flag, instead of Japan's national flag. The former flag is linked to Japanese imperialism.

Kiko explained why she liked the controversial photo on Instagram. According to her, she encouraged a friend to post photos on the social networking service in 2013 and liked many of his pictures. As for the picture she liked, of someone giving Tiananmen Square the middle finger, she only realized its controversy an hour after liking it. She then un-liked the photo while her friend deleted the post.

G-Dragon's alleged ex then concluded the video with an apology for offending anyone. She said she believes that more understanding and love will make the world a better place.

Hear Mizuhara's apology in the video below: