• Razer has rolled out its gift to iPad Pro users - the Mechanical Keyboard Case.

Razer has rolled out its gift to iPad Pro users - the Mechanical Keyboard Case. (Photo : YouTube/Razer)

Razer has rolled out its gift to iPad Pro users - the Mechanical Keyboard Case. While 12.9 inch ultra-low-profile mechanical switch is a perfect fit for the Apple iPad Pro, the company intends to target a larger group of mobile tablet users.

The Mechanical Keyboard Case comes in sleek all-matte black with a detachable polycarbonate case wrapping. The keyboard is connected to the device via Bluetooth, contrary to the Smart Connect that Apple uses for its own keyboard line. According The Verge, the battery will run for 10 hours with the backlit keys at its maximum, but can be extended to up to 600 hours without the backlight.

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To make for an efficient mobile setup, the device also includes a metal kickstand with a hinge to easily adjust the viewing angle. The metal kickstand promises to support the massive weight of the iPad Pro, which is a 1.57 pound beast.

The ultra-low-profile switch needs 70 grams actuation force to recognize a single press, while the switches on the Razer Mechanical Keyboard Case are also silent. According to Phone Arena, that rate should boost accuracy significantly.

As for its dimensions, it encompasses the entire Apple iPad Pro. In a way, it also doubles as a thick protective cover case for the iPad.

"We're commonly thought of as a company that makes phenomenal products for gamers, but to design the very best products, we've had to innovate from the ground up - even from each individual component such as mechanical switches," said Razer CEO Min Liang Tan, according to Slash Gear. "We're excited about the potential of our ultra-low-profile mechanical switch and look forward to exploring other applications in addition to the mechanical keyboard we've designed for the iPad Pro."

This is the first mechanical keyboard built and designed especially for the iPad. Razer is known for perfecting products geared for gamers, so the Razer Mechanical Keyboard Case for Apple iPad Pro is an expected standout. Razer is also planning to adaptability of the low-profile mechanical switch in its other keyboard models

The Razer Mechanical Keyboard Case for the Apple iPad Pro is now available at $169.99, which has the same price tag as Apple's own Smart Keyboard.