• Pokemon Go app in action

Pokemon Go app in action (Photo : Getty )

A Pokémon Go player hunting for the mobile game's little monsters was arrested after he wandered onto a military base in Indonesia. The French man was arrested at a check-point for trespassing onto the base but released a few hours later when local authorities decided he had entered the area by accident. There have been other reports of gamers getting into trouble while playing the augmented reality (AR) game, including people who have been injured while running to catch Pokemon.

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Romain Pierre is a 27-year-old French man who was playing the megahit smartphone game near Cirebon, Indonesia, according to Mashable. Indonesia police spokesman Colonel Yusri Yunus later reported that Pierre was jogging to catch Pokémon when he entered the military base.         

Pokémon Go is officially available in the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It is now launching in Japan but has not been released anywhere else in Asia.

However, the GPS/AR game works in some regions of Indonesia. Many local businesses are already offering Pokémon Go players freebies including vouchers.     

Last week two California men fell off a cliff while they were playing the new Pokémon game. The men were in the city of Encinitas when one man fell around 90 feet (27 meters) to the beach, and another man fell 50 feet (15 meters).

The gamers had climbed over a fence that was marked as not strong and the San Diego sheriff's office reported they were chasing a specific character.

The number of reports of groups of people rushing to catch rare Pokémon is also increasing.  Last week a large group of Pokémon Go players ran through Central Park in New York City to catch a Vaporeon.

In related news, Pokémon Go is scheduled to launch in the franchise's birthplace of Japan on July 20, Wednesday. Nintendo released two Pokémon games in 1996 for its Game Boy console.    

Pokémon Go has caused Nintendo's value to double and is now worth more than Japanese conglomerate Sony, according to Tech Crunch. Google spin-off Niantic is the hit game's developer.

Niantic CEO John Hanke recently explained the delayed rollout. He told Forbes his company wanted to make sure the servers were powerful enough for the Japan launch.

Here's some Pokemon Go mistakes to avoid: