• A game enthusiast takes photos of the Sony PlayStation 4, not the PlayStation NEO, and peripherals

A game enthusiast takes photos of the Sony PlayStation 4, not the PlayStation NEO, and peripherals (Photo : Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Sony could be launching the new PlayStation NEO on October 13 as the leaked Amazon Spain product listing showed, but is it really the best option as it goes against the Xbox Scorpio?

There have been several leaks and reports all claiming that the PlayStation Neo will be released sometime in September or October and the new leaked Amazon listing may have nailed it shut to the latter. However, the move seems to be not the best option for Sony considering that they will be the first to launch a new console against the Nintendo NX and the Project Xbox Scorpio in 2017.

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The product listing from Amazon Spain showed that the PlayStation Neo would be priced at around $450 which is considerably more expensive than the original PlayStation 4 that launched for $400 in North America, Yahoo News has learned. It could be justified as the Neo would have more powerful hardware under the hood as it supports 4K resolution and better framerates even with the PlayStation VR.

So far, 4K gaming has been the highlight of both the PlayStation Neo and the Xbox Scorpio from Microsoft. They are both upgraded versions of their predecessors but the companies are insisting that they are not the next generation consoles, even with the Nintendo NX.

If the PlayStation Neo is indeed released this fall, that would give the Nintendo NX and the Project Scorpio Xbox more time to improve their products based on what people are saying about Sony's console. In addition, it would also make the Neo an "old" product once the Xbox Scorpio is launched in holiday 2017.

Sony could then decide to delay the PlayStation Neo launch for next year to be in line with the other console roll outs from Nintendo and Microsoft, Forbes reported. That would actually make more sense considering that the PlayStation VR is also set to be released this fall and two product launches near each other could just confuse buyers.

The PlayStation Neo release date has not been confirmed by Sony yet but the listing from the Amazon Spain website does hold some weight. Sony could still delay the launch to improve the console even more for 2017.