• DietBet

DietBet (Photo : www.DietBet.com)

A new diet-app encourages users to lose weight while motivating them by rewarding the winners with money, according to Health Aim.

The mechanics of The DietBet challenge are simple. A user enters the game and determines how much weight he wants to lose. If the user reaches that target weight, he wins the prize-money.

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If there's more than one winner, they split the prize-money. There's also a game where weight-loss gurus can join in for a long-term challenge of up to six months. Users are encouraged to lose 10 percent of their starting weight.

The game has various verification processes to filter out cheaters. At the start of each game, participants have to take two photos.

First, the game sets a certain date and participants will have to take a full length photo of them on a weight scale. Each contestant has to make sure the weight is visible.

Second, they are asked to take a photo while holding a piece of paper with their weigh-in word to prove the photo's authenticity, according to KSL.

The DietBet challenge has already caught the attention of fitness stars like Chris Powell, Jillian Michaels and Drew Manning.

"People are five times more likely to succeed their weight loss goals if they have money on the line", Manning said.

Health Aim said its program has a success rate of 96 percent and has already paid its winners in excess of $8 million. The company said its contestants lose an average of nine pounds per month.