• Andrew Garfield as Spider-man

Andrew Garfield as Spider-man (Photo : www.enstarz.com)

Sony drops the project of the "Amazing Spider-Man"'s third sequel and gave the superhero to the Avengers team in the Marvel Cinematic Universe due to poor hits in the box office.  Actor Andrew Garfield will not be doing the third and fourth sequels of "Amazing Spider-Man" movies anymore. Due to the poor results of the franchise movie in the box office, Sony pictures dropped the plans to do the next two sequels, Venture Capital Post reported.

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Marc Webb hoped to do the next two sequels of the Spider-man franchise but that will not happen as Sony thought that the first two were the back breakers for the studio.

Sony pictures did not expect that the "Amazing Spider-Man 2" will not go well as it originally hoped. The movie made a bit of profits but the critics slammed it badly.

Words are out that Sony will be pitching Spidey to Marvel since it has proven to turn infamous heroes into box office hits while the former failed to make the popular Spider-man into a box office success, according to Enstars.

Reports say that Sony is planning to release a younger version of Spider-man. The plot will revolve around the young Peter Parker's life, his high school struggles and his discovery of his heroic powers, balancing life of a student and a hero at the same time.

The studio plans to cast a new face to be the new Spidey and a new director for the new solo movie franchise.

Sony will be collaborating with Marvel by adding Spider-Man to the "Captain America: Civil War" movie which will be out in the theaters come 2016.