• Sony has unveiled a new God of War video game during the E3 2016 event and it will feature Kratos and his son fighting Norse monsters and gods.

Sony has unveiled a new God of War video game during the E3 2016 event and it will feature Kratos and his son fighting Norse monsters and gods. (Photo : Facebook/God of War)

The latest details for the new "God of War" for the PlayStation 4 will feature a new progression system and Kratos' wife to play a pivotal role in the story.

The new sequel of "God of War" will have Kratos start a new life in the Norse lands as he lives in solitude along with his son, but things change when creatures and gods from Norse mythology caught their attention and must do everything to survive, as well as keep his humanity in check for his son.

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Creative director Cory Balrog told Digital Trends that Kratos must "control" the monster within him, unlike in the previous "God of War" games were he unleashes it in a brutal and savage way. Kratos' rage and his struggle for control will play an important role in the"God of War" PS4 as Balrog explained that a mechanic in the game, in which he fills up and then gets angry and fights, but it also portrays the fact that he is constantly fighting that battle.

There will be no such consequences when player's loses control over Kratos, but Balrog stated that it is more of illustration as to how the narrative of "God of War" will be as the gamers continue his journey in the story. "God of War" will also feature a new "progression system" which reflects the relationship of Kratos and his son, as well tailor them into the gamer's own play style within the sequel.

Santa Monica Studio wanted to change the progression system so that it encourages them to play the game more than one time. It will entice people to explore to see new things. Balrog confirmed that "God of War" is not fully open-world, but it is less linear than the previous games as they have opened up the areas to make them more expansive.

In other news, there are several rumors making rounds that the new "God of War" game will feature Kratos' unnamed wife.

Balrog stated in an interview that Kratos' wife will play a critical part within the story, but he did not reveal any further details at the moment. He added that sequel is being worked by the original "God of War" crew and teased that Kratos and his son will be visiting some of the nine realms in Norse mythology.

Thor's hammer Mjolnir is teased to be the ultimate weapon Kratos will use in the new "God of War", Gamingbolt reported.

Kratos' son will be instrumental in the new "God of War" gameplay teasing that he is much more of a passive character. Gamers can direct Kratos' son in combat as Shroff stated that their is a a button that can summon the boy in battle, which sort of a twisted "Father and Son" bonding. Gamers can upgrade the "Father and Son" feature as they progressed in the game as Shroff explained that the Kratos' son can go toe-to-toe with his father and even kill enemies on his own.

Sony has not yet announced a release date for "God of War" on the PS4, however, the official website of Amazon revealed the pre-order details of the game at $59.99 with a released date placeholder on Dec. 29, 2017.