• Part of the "Fantastic Art China" cultural show in New York was a spectacular fireworks display.

Part of the "Fantastic Art China" cultural show in New York was a spectacular fireworks display. (Photo : http://fantastic.art.china.cn/)

In line with the celebration of the Chinese New Year, China’s Ministry of Culture launched on Feb. 17 the cultural show “Fantastic Art China” in New York, lauding the country’s arts and tradition.

Organized by the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), the prime arts institution in China, the event will run until Tuesday next week.

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The show will feature a creative bazaar and an art exhibit at the Lincoln Center.

The exhibit features some of the greatest works of six Chinese artists. The signature pieces of these Chinese arts and culture pillars are considered as important art collections in the history of China.

The significant obra maestras of Huang Jiancheng, Lv Shengzhong, Xu Bing and Chen Wenling will be displayed at the David Rubenstein Atrium, while Xu Jian's and Zhan Wang's will be housed at the Avery Fisher Hall.

The creative bazaar, on the other hand, promotes the pioneering works of selected Chinese fine arts students. Traditional Chinese craftwork as well as Chinese New Year goods and "intangible cultural" commodities are also available.

Also included in the opening ceremony was a firework display over the Hudson River and an Empire State Building lighting show entitled "Splendid China."

The CAFA-designed lighting event featured a 60-second run of rotating display. The theme of the show was patterned after China's national flag, which is composed of the colors red, white, blue and yellow.

According to Yu Ding, a CAFA professor, the Empire State Building show is an annual event. However, in the past years, the theme only focused on the colors yellow and red. This year, CAFA decided to add other elements to further highlight the Chinese culture.

The premiere arts institution also designed the fireworks display. The show was also seen by the people of Midtown Manhattan and New Jersey.