• New Samsung S7 Worldwide Unveiling

New Samsung S7 Worldwide Unveiling (Photo : David Ramos/Getty Images)

Samsung has confirmed the release of its flagship phablet, Galaxy Note 7 on Aug. 2 skipping Galaxy 6. While the iris scanner feature is confirmed, its disclaimer showed that it has a lot of limitations.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be hitting the UK stores on August 2. It is said that the company will be skipping the Galaxy 6 as a complement to their flagship smartphone family, the Galaxy S7 series. Reports said that even Edge+ has been cancelled to be replaced by curved-edge Note 7, which will be larger than S7 and S7 Edge and has Samsung's Pen stylus.

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Rumors said that the price of the Galaxy Note 7 ranges from £600 to £650, with a recommended retail price of around £630, as reported by PC Advisor. Samsung is also known to reduce the price of their devices by 20 percent within the first few months.

The Note 7 is said to boasts a dual-curved 5.7 inch Quad-HD Super AMOLED display with 12 megapixel camera. It is also confirmed that the device will have an iris scanner which will unlock the device by scanning the user's identity through the eyeball.

While it looks cooler compared to fingerprint sensors, the Note 7's iris scanner might not work as expected according to its disclaimer. The disclaimer, a huge list of reasons why the iris scanner might not work in an individual is found on the phone's menu settings, Express reported.

The disclaimer says that the iris scanner might not work to unlock the device if the user is wearing eyeglasses, contact lenses, if the user's eyes are puffy or have had laser surgery. The light condition also affects the iris scanner's function as well as the humidity.

However, in the right conditions, the Note 7's iris scanner works smoothly. Just position the device 25 to 30 centimeters away from the face with the eyes in the on-screen circles and the front-facing scanner will register the iris.

Meanwhile, Lumia 950 XL has started shipping Windows Hello which also features an iris scanner to unlock the device. Microsoft's Surface Book has the same security measures.

Here is a Samsung Galaxy Note 7's preview: