• A concept of the Nintendo NX is shown

A concept of the Nintendo NX is shown (Photo : YouTube / Filthy Casuals)

Nintendo NX is still a mystery to most people as the company has not really confirmed the specs yet but new rumors and leaks are now claiming that it will be focused on mobile gaming.

Earlier reports have claimed that the Nintendo NX will not be as powerful as the upcoming PlayStation Neo from Sony or Microsoft's new Xbox Project Scorpio. However, the new reports now seem to claim that the console from Nintendo won't even be at the same level as them.

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Digital Foundry found out that the Nintendo NX chip that the company used was actually just the Tegra mobile processor from NVIDIA, Eurogamer has learned. That means that the new console will only be as powerful as NVIDIA's tablets powered by their Tegra chip.

If the reports turn out to be true, it means that Nintendo's console that would supposedly take on the PlayStation Neo and the Project Scorpio will not actually be able to do so considering that it can only power mobile games. However, the earlier reports have shown that the Nintendo NX will have stream play capability similar to NVIDIA's SHIELD product.

The Nintendo NX would have a base console that would need to be plugged in at home before players can stream their games to the portable display on the go, Forbes reported. In addition, the new reports also claim that the console would indeed return to the classic cartridges style but would obviously be taking on a modern touch similar to the Nintendo 3DS portable consoles.

Nintendo could lose again in the console wars as the reports also claim that the graphics power of the console cannot really be compared with the Xbox Project Scorpio and the PlayStation Neo. The company is reportedly trying to squeeze in all the tech into the handheld Nintendo NX which is not what most fans and customers are expecting.

The company might need to clear up the rumors now as the Nintendo NX release date in March 2017 is fast approaching. Nintendo refuses to comment on the speculations and it could mean that the new reports of the NVIDIA Tegra processor powering it could be true.