• It is said that Eva Mendez and Ryan Gosling finally tied the knot.

It is said that Eva Mendez and Ryan Gosling finally tied the knot. (Photo : Getty Images/Sonia Recchia)

Actor Ryan Gosling may be the happiest man on earth. The actor couldn't be happier where his life is at the moment.

According to Movie News Guide, the actor is currently in the middle of filming for his upcoming movie "Blade Runner 2," and since the filming is set in Budapest, the actor decided to bring along his whole family with him.

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The news stated that Gosling is loving his life being a father to his daughters and a partner to his rumored wife Eva Mendez. Since the production of "Blade Runner 2" would require him to move away from his family for quite some time and wouldn't allow him to spend as much time as he usually does with his daughters, Gosling decided to bring all of them with him and spends some quality time with them in between his shoots.

Although it is known that Mendez and Gosling both try to avoid being in the center of the spotlight, especially when it comes to their relationship and with their daughters, it seems like the couple are now letting the public eye get a glimpse on how the Gosling family are.

During an interview, Gosling was asked how his life was changed when he became a father, and the actor answered the question with the sweetest and most sincere answer that could surely tear anyone up. The actor said "His life at present is like walking in a garden of flowers every day," and he also describes his life as heaven-like as he lives with angels.

In other news, Inquisitr reported that Mendez and Gosling finally tied the knot.

It's not a surprise that news about the couple finally getting married didn't go out in public, since they are both known for keeping their private lives away from the spotlight. It is said that Mendez was the one who proposed to Gosling. It is a known fact that the actress was the one who was very much opposed with the idea of marriage, but she eventually had a change of heart.

Sources say that Mendez's outlook about marriage changed when her brother died, as it made the actress realize that she should make her partner feel like the happiest man on Earth. With that said, it seemed like all that Gosling ever wanted was to marry her.