Even though embattled South Korean singer and actor Park Yoochun is facing two charges because of four sexual harassment lawsuits filed against him by different women, lady justice appears to be tilting in his favor now.

 Soompi reported on Thursday that the Seoul police have request for a preliminary arrest warrant for the first female accuser of the JYJ band member. Identified only in media as “A,” the female accuser and her boyfriend and cousin are in trouble with the law for attempted blackmail.

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The entertainment website cited its source from the Gangnam Police Station who said the alleged blackmail attempt in not a minor offense but a serious crime. The issuing authority must decide on the police’s request for a warrant of arrest today, Aug. 4.

If the police is given the arrest warrant, they would send their findings on the case to the public prosecutor’s office.

“A” accused Park Yoochun of sexual assault on June 10. Three other South Korean women, all working at bars, filed also similar lawsuits against the actor. Although based on evidence, such as the presence of Park Yoochun’s sperm on “A’s” underwear, it appears they had sex – held at the bar’s toilet – police dismissed the rape accusations against Park Yoochun because of the difficulty in proving he forced the women to have sex.

But he is still facing solicitation of prostitution and fraud charges for not allegedly paying “A” the amount he promised if she would have sex with him.