• Cleveland Cavaliers power forward Kevin Love shoots over Los Angeles Lakers' Ryan Kelly.

Cleveland Cavaliers power forward Kevin Love shoots over Los Angeles Lakers' Ryan Kelly. (Photo : Getty Images)

The Cleveland Cavaliers are not immune to NBA trade rumors despite their Larry O'Brien trophy, but they can still call the shots.

They do not have to make a trade to chase anyone, not even the Golden State Warriors, but they could explore changes to improve their team down the line. The Cavs roster was good enough to win it all last season but they are far from perfect.

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Kevin Love is often seen as the odd man out, not because he is a bad player but because he plays power forward, a position that the Cavs want LeBron James to play on for extended periods. Love creates a quandary because he is not tall enough to play center or guard the opposing big man but he is not quick enough to revert to the small forward role.

Trading Love for a center is the ideal situation hence, the DeMarcus Cousins trade rumors. But that seems tricky to pull off and the Sacramento will ask for a "King's ransom."

Love has been linked with numerous trade rumors, but one team has really stood out and has pursued him for an extended period: the Boston Celtics.

The Celtics has been touted repeatedly because of their trade assets-young players and a possible lottery picks in the next two years. But would the Cavs be interested in that?

The Philadelphia 76ers present a more viable option because they have a pair of centers on the trading block-and the trade value may have dwindled. SB Nation writer Tom Ziller proposed several possible trades, one of them involved the Sixers.

The proposal centered on Jahlil Okafor and the Kings' 2018 pick, but if the Cavs prefer Noel over Okafor, hard to see why the  Sixers won't agree. Nerlens Noel is more athletic and better on defense. The Cavs aren't exactly short on scorers.

In an article on Billy Penn, Dan Levy presented why the Sixers should trade for Love and why they are a better option than the Celtics from the Cavs point of view.

Levy reasoned that GM Bryan Colangelo has committed to try and make the team progress.

"If the Sixers want a quick fix like Colangelo has been on record stating he plans to do, that's what they'll have to try. So let's not say any of this is logical. It's just what feels like the type of move Colangelo will try to make. And maybe should."

A trade for Love is possible because Levy believes the Celtics will not really give back both Avery Bradley and Jae Crowder for Love. The Cavs want real players they can use now, and the Sixers could develop another piece in the season that the Cavs could covet (Dario Saric, perhaps) and pair with Noel for a formidable trade package.