• iPhone 7 is Apple's upcoming flagship device for 2016 and is expected to launch in early September.

iPhone 7 is Apple's upcoming flagship device for 2016 and is expected to launch in early September. (Photo : Getty Images/John Gress)

The upcoming iPhone 7 device is projected to come with new innovative features, which include a home pressure sensitive button that is essential for providing feedback to users through a vibrating haptic sensation.

According to Bloomberg, in the place of a physical click that usually provides feedback to users, iPhone 7 will have a pressure sensitive button. The home button is similar to the trackpads that the most recent MacBooks have.

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The publication also noted that the long-awaited device will incorporate the use of Bluetooth and lighting headphones.  According to the report, Apple plans to remove the headphone jack port to make room for the newly speculated headphones. Apparently, the removal of the headphone jack port will not only allow Apple to introduce another speaker but will also improve the iPhone 7 speaker system.

iPhone 7 is, as well, speculated to have dual cameras. This feature will produce photos with more detail and brightness. Each camera will capture different colors simultaneously, taking the picture and subsequently producing one merged photo.

The added feature of the camera system will sharpen photographs taken in low-light scenarios. The merged photos will also allow users to retain more clarity while zooming.

Meanwhile, a 4k resolution video comparing three dummy models of the iPhone 7 has emerged online. The video has been traced back to a Japanese iPhone reservation store.

In the video, a 4.7-inch gold iPhone is shown alongside two other 5.5-inch silver and rose gold handsets. The video has, since, revived rumors that Apple will unveil two different versions of the 5.5-inch handsets.

According to Mac Rumors, the viral videos are quoted as mockups following concerns that the iPhone 7 dummy models bear the number A1429, which imitates a version of iPhone 5 in Apple's numbering scheme.  There are also speculations that Apple will introduce the two 5.5-inch iPhone 7 versions using the monikers 'Plus' and 'Pro.'

Apple is yet to confirm a release date for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. However, it is rumored that the launch will take place in early September, whereas pre-orders could begin on Sept. 9, and retail availability on Sept. 16 at a price range of $797 to $1340.

Apple is also expected to announce two new Apple watch models alongside the iPhone 7 models. Watch the video below for more details: