•  An unidentified flying object, or UFO, is any apparent anomaly in the sky.

An unidentified flying object, or UFO, is any apparent anomaly in the sky. (Photo : YouTube/ Mystery Universe)

NASA recently released videos of strange UFOs that it encountered during several missions including Apollo 16, Gemini, and ISS, among others, on YouTube channel Explore the World. The videos have since stirred unanswered questions from the public.

The UFO sightings shocked the world considering it was the first time that NASA was transparent about UFOs in space. The videos aroused speculations amongst conspiracy theorists and UFO hunters on whether NASA is indeed hiding proof of alien existence or not. The reason behind NASAs decision to release videos of the UFOs recently despite the fact that most of them were taken a long time ago was also questioned.

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Whilst theories of alien existence and NASA cover-ups continue to circulate the internet, a distinct cube shape that appears to be larger than the moon was spotted orbiting the sun on Aug. 8, Wednesday. Images of the square pixels were captured on two separate cameras within a timeframe of 25 hours.

The first image of the sun was shot on NASA's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) camera EIT 195 while the second on EIT 171. The pictures were taken at different wavelengths. However, the square pixel still appeared on the same spot, Daily star reported.

Conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring explained that the pictures were proof that the square- shaped UFO was not just a pixel glitch but a common scheme used by NASA to hide UFOs they wish to withhold from the public. He added that NASA revealed less than it knows concerning alien existence and UFO sightings based on the fact that the videos it released were documented from over 150 years ago.

According to Altered dimensions, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, NASA astronaut, and pilot of the Apollo 14 mission, had been quoted speaking of UFO cover-ups in Kerrang radio. He had reportedly given a confession that speculations of intelligent life out in space were correct and that he was part of a group of scientists and researchers that had inside knowledge of the truth behind UFOs. He was, however, sued by NASA shortly after revealing these secrets to the public.

UFO sightings, conspiracy theories, and personal testimonials from people who have encountered strange creatures and objects, however, still remain the leading cause of suspicion.

Watch NASA's video of the appearance of UFO's from outer space: