• Naked School Teacher

Naked School Teacher (Photo : CEN)

A day does not go by in China without wives confronting the mistress of their husbands by beating and stripping naked the other woman in public. Videos of those public-shaming rites inevitable end up in social media sites such as Weibo and become viral.

In a reversal of roles for both the aggressor and victim, Daily Mail reported that on Tuesday, in Wei County, Hebei Province, the parents of a high school girl beat and stripped naked a male teacher. The tutor from Weixian Number 1 Middle School had an affair with the teen daughter of the angry Chinese parents.

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The reason the parents drastically reacted is claims by former students of the male teacher that he also sexually assaulted the girl, besides having a love affair with the student, according to People’s Daily Online. The shaming was done publicly, based on crowd noise heard in the video which has become viral.

School staff confirmed the man in the video is a teacher from the school named Li, a faculty member for several years. Some netizens, who claimed they were former students of the teacher, said he often touched female students inappropriately and invited them into his office.

Police confirmed the existence of the video and added they are still investigating the public-shaming incident. A Wei Public Security Bureau said that on Tuesday that found a naked man, apparently a suspect in a crime, along the north outer ring road injured, so they brought the man to the hospital.

Besides being naked, the man had bruises around his legs and shoulders, according to South China Morning Post. Other netizens claim the teacher was framed by student whom Li kicked out of the school.