• Pokemon Go Craze Hits New York City

Pokemon Go Craze Hits New York City (Photo : Getty Images)

Because of the popularity of the virtual reality game Pokemon Go, a lot of issues and solutions have surfaced such as cheating, battery drainage, invasion of privacy and safety.

However, a new issue totally unexpected in a virtual reality world is the claim by a Russian woman that a Pokemon Go character allegedly raped her, reported Daily Mail. The alleged sexual assault occurred in her Moscow apartment, according to a formal complaint she filed.

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The complainant, a married woman, was playing Pokemon Go before she fell asleep. In her complaint, she states that upon waking up, there was a huge Pokemon which lay on top of her body which was raping her. But the virtual reality character vanished when she jumped out of the bed.

The woman claimed her mobile phone could still detect her alleged rapist’s presence on her bed. She woke up her husband to tell him what happened. But the husband not only did not believe in her but also advised his wife to seek psychiatric help, according to Metro.

Bloknot, a Russian news website, the police also did not believe the woman’s claim, so the woman sought help from a psychic who also failed to help her. Because of the psychic’s inability to help her, the woman finally set an appointment with a psychiatrist, according to Ivan Makarov, her friend.