•  An unidentified flying object, or UFO, is any apparent anomaly in the sky.

An unidentified flying object, or UFO, is any apparent anomaly in the sky. (Photo : YouTube/ Mystery Universe)

More than five UFOs were recently spotted by terrified onlookers in Ukraine, with Russian President and politician Vladimir Putin reportedly believed to be behind the sightings.

Apparently, various reports claim that Putin has been communicating with aliens for some time now. According to conspiracy theorists, the Russian president has been working with alien forces so that his country may emerge as the next superpower. The reports, further, claim that he plans on using alien tech to continue with oil harvesting in Siberia.

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Following other discoveries of possible alien life living around Russia, the apprehension has even extended further, with people fearing a case of alien invasion. It is said that the unrest could soon spread to the rest of the world.  

An uploaded YouTube video has broadened the allegations by showing a smoke ring created by UFO weapons. While some viewers believed that the smoke was caused by an alien weapon, others stated that it was a portal through which the aliens use to travel through time and space, UFO Sightings reported.

What is more, large UFO fleets that were moving in the dark were recorded in a different footage. The UFO fleets were accompanied by glowing orbs moving across the sky.

A UFOlogist by the name Vyacheslav Golonkin captured one of the alien spaceships over the president's home. He claimed that he was sure the president was on working terms with the new foreign species, Clap Way reported.

Meanwhile, reports claim that the outgoing United States President Barrack Obama will notify the world about aliens before he leaves office. His confession will include a revelation to the world about the authenticity of UFO sightings and the aliens being real.

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron will, in turn, follow suite as well as a number of other officials. It is said that this action will be based on the fact that these politicians do not wish Russia to continue with the use of alien tech.

Other outrageous claims proclaim that there will be a nuclear war in 2017 . This will include an alien invasion in which Putin happens to be the only human that knows more about.

While this prediction could lead to fatal events, viewers hope that the reports are based on rumours that have no sense of truth in them. Watch the clip below to have a glimpse of an alien-made smoke ring: