The end is near for the SBS drama "Doctors" that features Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won. The network has announced the special episode line-up for the drama's upcoming finale week.

Avid fans of the SBS medical drama "Doctors" only have three episodes left to see Park and Kim's characters' personal struggles and sweet interactions. The South Korean network has recently announced that it will air the said remaining episodes on the week of Aug. 22, Soompi reported.

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Viewers can expect to see two episodes on Monday, Aug. 22. Episodes 18 and 19 will be aired back-to-back on the said day. The 20th episode of the drama will then be shown on Tuesday, Aug. 23. Episode 18 was initially scheduled for release on Aug. 16. However, SBS canceled the said episode's broadcast to cover the sporting matches of the Rio Olympics.

The SBS series' upcoming three-episode release will mark the end of the medical series. Loyal viewers of the show will finally learn whether Park's character Hye Jung will be able to give up her quest for revenge. The former teen rebel turned doctor has been trying to uncover the truth behind her grandmother's death during an operation.

Fans of the show can also look forward to some heartwarming scenes that will feature Park's Hye Jung, Kim's Ji Hong and other beloved characters. Avid viewers may also recall that episode 17 that aired on Aug. 15 has shown the devastating health problem of one of the doctors. The situation had resulted to Kim's Ji Hong and the rest of the physicians' bonding together to try and save their colleague.

Meanwhile, the viewership ratings for the said episode has posted a slight increase as compared to episode 16. The latest rating report from Nielsen Korea has shown a nationwide viewership share of 20.8 percent. On the other hand, the SBS drama's ratings across Seoul's metropolitan area reached 22.8 percent.

The ratings for episode 17 are slightly higher if compared to episode 16. The viewership share for episode 16 only reached 20.6 percent on a nationwide basis and 22.4 percent in the metropolitan area.

Watch the trailer for the drama's upcoming episode 18 below: