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Apple is rumored to remove the headphone jack from iPhone 7 that will likely launch in September while the Moto Z has already lost the 3.5mm audio port.  The USB-C port is only found on a few smartphones such as Lenovo's Moto phones and laptops such as the new Apple MacBook. Intel argues the USB-C standard is not only a good replacement for headphone jacks but also a better choice.

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The Intel Developer Forum is this week. Intel architects Brad Saunders and Rahman Ismail explained on August 16, Tuesday that updated USB-C standards set to roll out this year could make it a good port for today's mobile phones.

The main benefit to handset makers is slimmer smartphones. Due to the missing analog circuits Phone manufacturers can design phones that are millimeters thinner.

Saunders also pointed out that device and software makers can produce cheaper earbuds and add features of high-end headphones such as bass boosting and noise cancelling, according to The Verge.

There are a few major issues caused by a USB-C port including headphone adapters.

Another possible problem is that USB is a bigger power hog than a 3.5mm port. It could impinge on sales figures since consumers are worried about the battery life of mobile devices.

Saunders explained that Intel's new tech specs for USB-C allows it to detect when the smartphone owner is not using the headphone's microphone, then switch it off. It would result in a very small difference in battery life.

USB-C is not a good replacement for HDMI. However, USB-C can connect a smartphone or computer to a display screen, to watch movies or run apps. This would reduce the number of cables needed.    

USB-C can also handle multiple connections at one time. A USB hub could be used to transmit video and charge the phone.

In related news, Apple will reportedly unveil the iPhone 7 series models on September 7, and release the new smartphones on September 16. It is highly likely a headphone jack will be missing on the units.

iPhone fans will have a few other options including Apple's Lightning headphones. The tech giant might be removing the audio jack to make wireless headphones the industry standard.

It would also allow iPhone users to use different Bluetooth headphones. However, high-end Bose wireless headsets can be quite expensive as the top ones cost over $400, according to BGR. Meanwhile, quality wired headphones can have price tags as low as $15.

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