• China's field cycling coach Benoit Vetu led the field cycling team to its first gold medal.

China's field cycling coach Benoit Vetu led the field cycling team to its first gold medal. (Photo : Getty Images)

Successes brought by track cycling duo Gong Jinjie and Zhong Tianshi are attributed to the hardworking coaching team led by Benoit Vetu, a French track cycling coach. This is the first time that China won a gold medal in cycling.

Vetu and 27 other coaches were hired by the Chinese government to provide training for their athlete in 17 sports, which includes basketball, fencing and track and field.

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The government is aware that as the country excels in sports like table tennis and badminton, many sports are dominated by the West. In this area, China turns to foreign coaches.

Gong is grateful for his education from Vetu. He said, "Without him, we wouldn't be here tonight."

He almost missed the same gold in the London Olympics. He finished first with former partner Guo Shuang and later was disqualified for a foul in the final.

The cyclist added, "He really put his heart and soul in this job, trying to understand us and monitor every bit of change in our physical, mental and emotional conditions. We trust each other, and that makes it work in the first place."

Vetu is a former Olympic champion and moved to China in 2013. He would have the athletes train for 3 hours every day in the morning.

The coach admitted, "It was not an easy decision. It was quite difficult at the beginning in communication and life in China. Now, it seems all worth it."

Daniel Levavasseur, the French coach of the fencing team, has been staying in the country for nine years. He will retire from his engagement from the national team but will still train local coaches.

He said, "I've been coaching and living in China for the past six years. I feel like I am already a Chinese. I love the country and my athletes so much."

The fencing coach is 69 years old.

Hao Jiaolu, a member of China's women epee team, was emotional after her last match with Romania.

She said while weeping, "It's not just us failing to defend the title, it's about grandpa (Levavasseur). He still told us we are the best and this is his last Olympics."