• A preview of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

A preview of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7. (Photo : YouTube/GadgetMatch)

The users of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 are quite happy with the performance of the phone. As per the latest updates, Verizon has already shipped the phones for the pre-ordered bookings and software updates too are available on the new phone.

This phone was announced on Aug. 2, 2016 at the Galaxy Unpacked event in New York, USA and was launched on Aug. 19, 2016 in the US. This phablet will be released in Europe on Sep. 2, 2016. Since it is already launched in the US, various carriers are urging the customers to shop for this phone with them, reported android headlines

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The pre-order bookings had started on Aug. 3, 2016 and Verizon had promised about the expected delivery date on Aug. 19, Friday. One could also pick up the phones from Verizon stores. And if the buyers have received the phone, they can start updating the software right from the very first day of using their new phablet. 

The software number of this patch update is MMB29M.N930VVRS1APH1, and the user can enhance the security features of their respective Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones by downloading this patch. The buyers who are still not aware of the specifications and features of this phone will be pleased to know that it comes with a 5.7-inch display. This phone is the first one with Gorilla Glass 5, reported Corning. The durability and better resistance to cracking is expected out of this glass. 

The resolution of the screen is  2,560 x 1,440 pixels, and the curved amoled screen looks quite neat. 64GB of internal storage space out of which  53GB is available to the user gives ample space to the user to store his or her videos, spreadsheets and other important documents. It can be attached to another  microSD card slot which will store up to 256GB data. The security features of this phone is very unique and has introduced iris scanner for the first time in a Galaxy phone. Hence one can be sure about the security of the phone as the iris scanner once enabled will give access to the user alone. 

T-mobile started taking pre-orders to beat the competition from Verizon and other carriers. However the supply chain management did not function properly and the customers did not receive the free-gifts as promised. The customer could choose from a a 236 GB microSD memory card, Gear Fit 2, or a year's worth of free Netflix subscription. 

The problem arised due to the difference in time zones. The promotion date was Aug. 3, 2016 after the clock stuck midnight as per the EST time zone, however some customers who booked the order in PST time zones still had Aug. 2 as their booking time. This has created a huge unrest and finally the company decided to accomodate the customers who had bought the phone on Aug. 2 too.

"There was a minor error in our redemption system. This has been fixed and everyone who purchased their device within the promotion period will receive their device," was the response from Samsung in an e-mailed statement. The fulfillment agency will get in touch with the customers and will give them the free gifts as promised before.

So before buying the phone, watch the review of it.