• iPhone 7 is Apple's upcoming flagship device for 2016 and is expected to launch in early September.

iPhone 7 is Apple's upcoming flagship device for 2016 and is expected to launch in early September. (Photo : Getty Images/John Gress)

The long awaited iPhone 7 smartphone will debut on Sept. 7, with pre-orders expected to begin on Sept. 9 and sales on Sep. 16.

According to Forbes , former Apple reporter, Mark Gurman recently leaked information that confirms the release date of both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus versions. Gurman said that MacBook Pro laptops would, however, not be launched at the iPhone flagship event as speculated by fans.

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Gurman's report comes a month after Evan Blass tweeted that pre-orders for the upcoming iPhone device will begin on Sept. 9. A comparison of the two information leaks confirms that the Apple flagship event is indeed set for Sept. 7. Blass has also claimed that iPhone 7 will hit shelves as early as Sept. 16.

With just a few weeks to the launch of iPhone 7, speculations concerning the device's specs and features are rife. Here are a few of the most significant leaks and clues of what Apple consumers should expect.

Apple will release three versions of the iPhone 7. Clues and leaked photos of the upcoming device point to a release of the Iphone 7, iPhone 7 plus and an entirely new model called the iPhone 7 Pro which should be the high end flagship for Apple.

iPhone 7 will have a pressure-sensitive home button. According to Bloomberg, Apple is likely to use a fixed trackpad that ultimately relies on haptic feedback, a technology already applied on Apple's new MacBooks.

iPhone 7 Pro will have a multi -camera technology. It is reported that the pro version will have a dual-lens camera that will increase autofocusing and enhance low-light performance. This feature is similar to the latest Huawei phone cameras.

Leaked photos of the iPhone 7 Pro suggest that the device will have a Smart Connector like that of the iPad Pro. If the leaks are accurate, it is possible that Apple will introduce the iPhone 7 Pro with an optional keyboard and an increased processing power.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 pro models are expected to look like the iPhone 6. All the leaked photos show an iPhone 7 that looks a lot like an iPhone 6 except for the absence of antenna lines and a headphone jack.

The iPhone 7 is also speculated to have a better battery life than that of its predecessors. Have a look at more of expected features in the clip below: