• People take photos of a Sony Playstation 4, not the PlayStation NEO, and its controllers on display

People take photos of a Sony Playstation 4, not the PlayStation NEO, and its controllers on display (Photo : Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images)

Sony is expected to finally unveil the PlayStation Neo in September and Electronica Arts seem to be excited as well because of what it can offer for their customers.

EA executive vice president Patrick Söderlund told GameInformer that the Sony PlayStation Neo upgrade for the PlayStation 4 is similar to the Sega Mega CD upgrade in the console a decade earlier. Söderlund said that the Neo will be a much larger upgrade and it would be beneficial not only for the gamers but also for developers and publishers as well.

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The PlayStation Neo will be going against Microsoft's Xbox Project Scorpio which is not expected to be released until the holiday season of 2017. Both are claimed to be upgrades for the current generation of consoles.

Söderlund said that the Frostbite engine will be able to scale to the PlayStation Neo's hardware capabilities and that it would not be difficult for them to develop new games for the said console, PlayStation Lifestyle has learned. It will help EA to reach more players thanks to the dynamic scaling capabilities of the console as well as its backwards compatibility with PS4 games.

Both the PS Neo and the Xbox Project Scorpio are claimed to be able to provide so-called "true 4K gaming" which seems impossible for the moment considering that even the NVDIDIA GTX 1080 cannot provide a stable 60 frames per second in some AAA games that are demanding in resources.

Sony could release the PlayStation Neo as well as the rumored PlayStation 4 Slim version on September 7 at the PlayStation Theatre in New York, The Independent reported. Microsoft has already launched their Xbox One S several weeks ago and it was reported that it actually had a small performance increase for some games compared to the original Xbox One.

Fans will just have to wait what Sony will be releasing next month and if the PlayStation Neo will finally be rolled out. A simultaneous launch with the PS4 Slim version could cause conflicts as the Neo is expected to be more powerful than the PlayStation 4 Slim which means more people will opt for the latter.