• Apple will reportedly launch three iPhone variants in 2017, only one of which will sport an OLED screen.

Apple will reportedly launch three iPhone variants in 2017, only one of which will sport an OLED screen. (Photo : Getty Images/Ben A. Pruchnie)

Apple will be saving the best for 2017 where it is expected to employ a major redesign for the iPhone 8. Of the features to expect, it is the shift to the curved OLED screen niche that many are eagerly awaiting.

For now, the consumer market will have to satisfy themselves with a minimally revamped iPhone 7/ 7 Plus set to come out on Sept. 7. It will reportedly look a lot like the iPhone 6/ 6s with some minor external modifications.

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A quick rundown on the iPhone 7 is that it will no longer tote the 3.5 mm jack and the physical home button. Among the new features include an improved camera, better internal storage and a better processor, Know Your Mobile reported.

With those features in mention, it will be interesting how the iPhone 7 sales will perform with Apple loyalist still expected to get one for bragging rights and collectible purposes.

There are some who could opt to pass and wait for the iPhone 8, something that could come out in three variants. While a curved OLED screen has filled the air, there could only be one variant sporting a new display.

According to Nikkei, Apple could be revealing three models in 2017. This includes a 4.7-inch and two 5.5-inch variants. One of the 5.5-inch variants was referred to as a device equipped with ‘a screen bent on the two sides’ while the other two models will continue to sport flat screens.

The OLED technology was not specifically mentioned though curved screens normally require it. Such is the same technology used by rival Samsung for its Galaxy S7 Edge, Apple Insider reported.

BGR reported that seeing Apple shift to OLED technology makes a lot of sense seeing the Cupertino company as the only remaining company not adopting the new technology. But if there is indeed an iPhone Pro planned for 2017, one sporting the modern screen technology should work to their advantage.

Apple’s interest in OLED technology may not only help them check their sales skid but benefit their suppliers as well. Screen suppliers have suffered from declining sales as well but the Cupertino company’s interest in OLED could change the tide.

For the meantime, check out one of the concept trailer videos for the iPhone 8 below.