• 'iPhone 6 SE' Box

'iPhone 6 SE' Box

Apple's iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus smartphones are reportedly set to be released on September 16 and unveiled at the company's yearly fall event on September 7. Several leaks and reports reveal that the next-generation iPhones will have a more powerful processor, better cameras, no headphone jack, and some design tweaks. However, Apple fans might be surprised that a newly-leaked photo shows an "iPhone 6 SE" box suggesting that it might be the new model's name.  

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In fact, the names "iPhone 7" and "iPhone 7 Plus" have not been confirmed.  Based on Apple's standard product cycle it would launch the iPhone 7 series this year and the iPhone 7s series next year.

However, Apple is reportedly creating a totally new design for its 2017 iPhone to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its original iPhone, according to BGR. The device was released in June 2007.

It would explain why the new iPhone's design is getting tweaks instead of an overhaul. The company seems to be making a second "S" upgrade and delaying major design changes until the smartphone's big birthday next year.

Various online leaks of iPhone packaging boxes have shown up in the past. 9to5Mac calls the leaked images "sketchy" but they usually turn out to be correct.

The new packaging leak from two sources shows the name "iPhone 6se" on the outside of the box.

However, MacRumors claims that the images have been Photoshopped. That includes several lines of text such as the mentioning of "iPhone6 SE" that is missing the traditional space between the end of "iPhone" and "6".

The Apple blog also points out that there are differences in font and background color in the areas with the important text. This suggests that the images have been changed.

There seems to be other text on the iPhone box that was Photoshopped. That includes a 2016 copyright date and model number.    

The front of the box is also missing from the set of images.

In related news, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak told The Australian Financial Review that the new iPhone's missing 3.5mm headphone jack might not be popular with consumers. He argued that wireless headphones would result in lower sound quality, according to New York Daily News.

During the past year several tech blogs have reported the new iPhone model will be bundled with Bluetooth earbuds. It would result in lower-quality sound but end a bird's nest of headphone wires.

Here are some iPhone 7/iPad Pro rumors: