• Someone allegedly left their shoe on Mars.

Someone allegedly left their shoe on Mars. (Photo : YouTube/GeoBeats News)

Reputable UFO hunter, Scott Waring, has made a rather interesting discovery. Within the Red Planet's photos, Waring allegedly found traces of ancient civilization that once resided on the surface of Mars.

Waring described his discovery in a recent post in the popular UFO website, UFO Sighting Daily. According to the researcher, the object is evidence that the surface of the Red Planet was once habitable, although its inhabitants were wiped out at some point.

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"While looking through some Mars rover photos, I found a lone show on the edge of the crater," Waring wrote. "This is probably the shoe of species that were at war long ago, the shoe being the lone evidence that the person ever existed."

The researcher pointed out that many times researchers have seen in newspapers shoes of victims of war or calamity, something that proved how hard they were hit. The lone evidence that he discovered on mars is such a good example of how fast victims were wiped.

It is particularly interesting that this was not the first time Waring found a shoe on the Red Planet since he discovered another one back in April, according to Chron. Besides Waring, other UFO fans have also spotted footwear on the surface of Mars, with some reportedly being made of leather-like material, and some even seeming to have laces.

Cases of random footwear apparently seen on the Red Planet's surface are intriguing, but analysts who have studied the images where the shoes were allegedly found have concluded that those who discovered the objects were suffering from pareidolia. This is a state of the mind's tendency to spot familiar patterns in random images.

The phenomenon was explained after several skywatchers reported seeing a crab-like creature on Mars. Pareidolia is a deeply rooted phenomenon that helps infants focus on faces early as well as allows humans in the wild to identify danger by easily picking a potentially menacing human or animal peering out from a backdrop of leaves or scrub.

Watch the footage below for details on Waring's discovery.