• Dragon Ball Super episode 59 and episode 60: DBS manga reveals Beerus Death

Dragon Ball Super episode 59 and episode 60: DBS manga reveals Beerus Death (Photo : Youtube/ Drandosk)

"Dragon Ball Super Ep. 58 and 57" are highly anticipated episodes, especially after the arrival of Goku and Vegeta in Future Trunks' timeline as they hunt down Black Goku. As a product of this exciting storyline, speculations abound including the potential death of Beerus under the hands of Zamasu, another peculiar character in "DBS."

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"Dragon Ball Super" fans have been searching the web for potential leaks or updates, especially after the ending of episode 55 showcasing the arrival of Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks in his timeline, and the new distinctly reddish-purple aura of Black according to ComicBook. And the latest and relatively accurate news about the upcoming episode would be the showdown between Vegeta and Black Goku.

It can be remembered that Vegeta holds a grudge against Black for killing Bulma in the separate timeline. However, it seems like Vegeta is having a hard time fighting Black even in the Super Saiyan Blue form. The highly speculated Super Saiyan Rose is much powerful as compared to the Super Saiyan Blue of Goku and Vegeta. And such superior strength was somehow proven when Black Goku violently injured Vegeta during a one on one fight, according to AttackOfTheFanBoy.

The revelations showcased in the last episodes of DBS were really intriguing, especially with the appearance of Zamasu with intent to end Goku. Thus, the link between Black and Zamasu has been once again revived, even to the point of making both characters as one.

Despite the common claim and rumors of the identity of Zamasu and Black being one and similar, there is still no clear explanation on how Zamasu came to be Black or the other way around. However, a fan theory might help explain the query at hand.

According to a fan theory which was posted online, Zamasu and Black is one, in a sense that Zamasu somehow released or extracted from his nature the evilness within it. This would somehow bring us back to what happened to Piccolo before.

The theory then followed by stating that in Future Trunks' timeline, the evil side of Zamasu roamed around and started killing humans until he possessed the dead body of Goku in Future Trunks timeline. It can be remembered that Goku and Zamasu never met in the timeline of Goku, thus explaining his lack of experiential knowledge about the capacity and full use of the body he possesses.

Following the line of thought of the theory, it can be noticed that there was no intervention from the Supreme Kai or even from the God of Destruction in the Timeline of Trunks despite the horrible doing of Black Goku in Universe 10. The speculation about it is that most of the Kai's are already dead, thus killing also their God of Destruction counterpart.

And such idea would somehow explain the subtle introduction of the concept of Kai and God counterpart over a simple conversation between Whis and Goku in the previous episodes. Guess we would just have to wait for the upcoming episode of "Dragon Ball Super" fully to confirm the contentions of the said theories and speculations online.

Watch here below Whis explains Kaioshin and God of Destruction connection: