• PlayStation 4 Neo is the slimmer version of PlaySation 4, but with several upgrades.

PlayStation 4 Neo is the slimmer version of PlaySation 4, but with several upgrades. (Photo : YouTube/Game Cross)

Sony could be announcing the PlayStation Neo in a several days but some people are still confused as to what the console is and how it is related to the PS4 or the PS4 Slim.

The technology company has already confirmed that the PlayStation Neo exists but in a low-key announcement before E3 2016. It was not showed at their presentation because they wanted to highlight their games instead of addressing all the PS Neo rumors and speculations.

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Early names for the console in question were the PlayStation 4.5 or the PlayStation 4K due to the claimed capability of 4K gaming. Sony could still change the PlayStation Neo name as it is only an internal codename similar to the Project Morpheus that is now the PlayStation VR, Pocket-Lint has learned.

Another confusing fact is that the company has already released a PlayStation 4 Slim which is similar to how Microsoft rolled out an Xbox One S. There are already PS4 Slim reviews and unboxing videos despite the small audience that knows about its existence.

Basically, the PlayStation 4 Slim is just a smaller version of the PS4. There are no hardware upgrades unlike what the PlayStation Neo is expected to bring to the table.

Sony's PS4 Slim is a standard PlayStation 4 inside with a slimmer form factor on the outside for space-constrained setups, Business Insider reported. The PlayStation Neo does not have any leaked photos or renders yet but it could look slightly different from the original PS4 or the PlayStation 4 Slim.

There are already comparisons being made between the PlayStation Neo and the Project Scorpio from Microsoft despite the two not being released yet. In fact, the upgraded Xbox One is not expected to be launched until late 2017 in the holiday season.

Sony is now being expected to finally reveal the PlayStation Neo on September 7 at the PlayStation Theatre although it is only speculated based on leaked press invites. The company could confirm or bust some of the PS4 Neo rumors and speculations that have been circulating around since it was mentioned and after it was not shown in E3 2016.