• Zeno on his throne while waiting for Goku.

Zeno on his throne while waiting for Goku. (Photo : Youtube/ Dragon Ball Super Previews And More)

"Dragon Ball Super Ep. 56" showcased loads of hint and revelations, answering some of the previous queries and speculations of most anime fans. With some of the scenes and characters gradually appearing and completing the bigger picture of the plot, it cannot be helped for fans to anticipate what might come next, including the confirmed rumored death of Goku and Vegeta which made Zeno wept.

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It can be remembered that in the previous episode of "Dragon Ball," Goku and Vegeta traveled back to the future together with Future Trunks where they fought Black Goku. It was an intense battle as seen on the said episode where Black surprised the fighting duo with a fearsome strength and transformation, the Super Saiyan Rose, according to Kotaku.

The said transformation of Black was highly anticipated, for before its appearance a supposed leaked photo surfaced the net. However, what most anime fans did not expect was the superior strength of Black despite Vegeta fighting him in his excellent Super Saiyan Blue form. As a result, Vegeta was mortally wounded and somehow reaffirmed the fact that he is treated as the second best Saiyan, according to AttackOfTheFanBoy.

As a consequence of the injury incurred by Vegeta, it was up to Goku to fight Black and stop his menace. It is said that both fighters have equal strength and power, but Vegeta, in the latter part of the episode, admitted that Black is much stronger for Goku. And such admission sparked some theories and potential outcome of the battle.

One of the hypothesized scenarios would be the death of Goku in the hands of Black. This particular speculation is somehow being confirmed by a leaked photo of an alleged scene from "Dragon Ball Super Episode 59." The said scene or photo showcased Zeno,Omni-King, crying over what seemed to be a lifeless body of Goku.

Apart from that said scenario, and as a means of speculation, another theory was uploaded online speaking of the potential clash between Beerus and Black teaming up with Zamasu. After the speculated death of Goku, the hatred of Beerus might be unleashed in the future as he would be fighting both characters who are acting like Gods of Destructions. There is still no proof of the said rumor, but with the arrival of Zeno in the scene, Beerus' presence might as well be felt.

Anime fans have not seen yet the full power of Beerus being unleashed, and with his itch to fight since the Battle of Gods Tournament, Future Trunk's timeline and with its villain might be the right place and timing for the God of Destruction to show his real strength, especially fighting against the so-called Immortal God Zamasu.

There is no telling what would actually happen in the upcoming episodes, guess we would just have to wait for it to unfold. Here below is a discussion of Beerus strength: