• Sperm Collector Machine

Sperm Collector Machine (Photo : YouTube)

What many males spill during moments of passion or lust is precious commodity in China. Sperm banks in the country are willing to pay thousands of yuan for semen, following the lifting of the one-child policy.

The two-child policy, which became official in January 2016, boosted demand for semen, but because of traditional culture and Chinese view of sperm donation as unorthodox, it is difficult to convince the country’s men to donate their seed, explained Fan Liqing, executive vice president of the Reproductive and Genetic Hospital of Citi-Xiangya in Hunan, reported Global Times.

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As China’s largest sperm bank, the hospital officials are worried over the shortage of donated sperm and the declining quality of semen donations.

In Sichuan, to address the problem, the only sperm bank in the province boosted the cash reward to 5,000 yuan, with the added bonus of preserving their sperm for five years. The amount is 25 times the 200 yuan the sperm bank offered as cash reward a few years ago.

The Shanghai Sperm Bank offers a bigger cash reward of 6,000 yuan for 17 milliliters of semen. Despite the higher monetary compensation, demand is still bigger than supply. Studies show less than 20 percent of Chinese college students found the idea of donating sperm acceptable in contrast to blood donation which blood banks could advertise.