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Apple Watch Hermes (Photo : Twitter)

Apple is expected to officially unveil iPhone 7 at its fall event on September 7, Wednesday and most of the new handset's features have been revealed including chip upgrades, clickless home button, and no headphone jack. However, it is very likely that Tim Cook's company will also showcase other devices that could include Apple Watch 2, MacBook Pro, and Thunderbolt Display. Apple's event will start at 10 a.m. PT, and 1 p.m. ET.

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Apple Watch 2

Apple Watch was released in April 2015. Some leaks and rumors of Apple Watch 2 include upgrades such as a better battery, thinner display, and Long-Term Evolution (LTE) radio.

It is still nebulous if the tech giant will unveil new smartwatch hardware at the September 7 event. There have been few leaks showing the wrist wearable will soon hit the retail market.  

However, a new Watch is still possible. In fact, it would make sense since the original smart watch was announced with the iPhone 6 launch a few years ago.

The new Apple Watch would likely include few changes such as a spec bump. It would also probably work with current Watch bands to prevent replacing expensive accessories.

MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro is another Apple product that is likely to get a refresh. The Apple laptop was originally released a decade ago, while the 13-inch model with Retina got a refresh in March 2015, and the 15-inch unit was upgraded in May.

There are a few issues with the Apple computer including a slightly thick body and average battery life.  

Online rumors seem to imply that a new Macbook Pro will be released this fall so there is a good chance it will be unveiled at this year's September event with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

The only big leak for the laptop refresh is a replacement of the Fn keys with an OLED touchscreen on the top of the keyboard, according to BGR. The Command Bar would change based on the app open.  

The Apple laptop could also get a thinner body, Touch ID sensor, and USB-C port. A lighter MacBook Pro would probably phase out the MacBook Air.

Operating Systems

Earlier this year Apple previewed new versions of its four operating systems at its World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC). It will likely announce release dates at the September event. That includes upgrades to iOS 10 including for Siri, Messenger, and Photos, according to CNN.

Thunderbolt Display

Finally, Thunderbolt Display was released in 2011 and discontinued in June 2016, so it is due for an upgrade. The next version will reportedly include a GPU to provide 5K graphics for small laptops, and would work with a new USB-C port for MacBook Pro. 

Here are some final iPhone 7 rumors: