• China's First Lady Peng Liyuan is a staunch supporter of the country's anti-AIDS advocacy.

China's First Lady Peng Liyuan is a staunch supporter of the country's anti-AIDS advocacy. (Photo : Getty Images)

Chinese First Lady Peng Liyuan urged for heightened international efforts to fight against HIV/AIDS during the G20 Leaders Summit hosted by the city of Hangzhou in China.

Peng, who serves as the World Health Organization (WHO)'s goodwill ambassador for HIV and tuberculosis, also led an anti-AIDS activity in Zhejiang University which was attended by a group of officials' spouses.

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"I have provided support and have been engaged in activities to popularize the prevention of AIDS in colleges. Such activities have been held at many Chinese universities and have borne great fruit so far," she shared.

During the event, the spouses of public servants from Argentina, Thailand, Singapore, Mexico, Turkey, Laos and Indonesia "watched a video about fighting AIDS and listened to a speech about how the campus is working to prevent the disease," China Daily wrote.

Students also participated by sharing their thoughts about AIDS prevention and by showing their determination to help in combatting the said disease.

On the occasion, the visiting women were donned with red ribbons, an emblem of the HIV/AIDS awareness, to express that they will work "hand-in-hand for improving AIDS prevention and control."

Also present in the activity are several athletes who played in the Rio Olympic Games, including swimmers Fu Yuanhui and Sun Yang.

Peng first engaged in the advocacy against AIDS around 10 years ago when she reached out to children infected with the disease.

Back on July 29, Peng also urged those who are able to provide more social support to affected children during the launching of the "Love in the Sunshine China-Africa Children Summer Camp" at the Forbidden City in Beijing.

"Along with healthy children, those suffering or affected by AIDS are the world's future; and regardless of their HIV status, nationality or color, they deserve care, support and a happy childhood," she said during the occasion.

The First Lady also took part in another anti-AIDS event held in Johannesburg, South Africa, in December last year.