• Alicia Vikander as Ava in Ex Machina

Alicia Vikander as Ava in Ex Machina

Can you force yourself to have sex with a robot? If you're still alive by 2050 and are still able to get it done, you'd better get used to the idea since sex with robots possessing artificial intelligence (AI) will be the wave of the future.

The topic of AI "sexbots," "robot love" and the future of these eerie concepts is a center of animated discussion among scientists at the ongoing 12th International Human Choice and Computers Conference in Manchester that's exploring topics related to technology and human intimacy.

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Experts in psychology, human behavior and technology are discussing the impact of new technologies on society. Astonishingly, some experts at the conference believe "robot love" might become so addictive that it might eventually replace human-to-human intimacy.

Robot love and other related topics will be examined in the talk "What's love got to do with it? Robots, sexuality, and the arts of being human" by Charles Ess.

Among these thinkers but who isn't at the conference is Joel Snell, a robotics expert from Kirkwood College in Iowa. He believes sex with an AI robot or a humanoid looking android or cyborg will become so addictive it might overtake human sex just 34 years from now.

Snell also (incredibly) believes human-robot sex might someday replace human-human sex entirely because AIs will be built to be better lovers. 

And why is that when you're making love to a "sexbot," which is a machine designed to give you pleasure?

"Sexbots would always be available and could never say no, so addictions would be easy to feed," said Snell.

"People will rearrange their lives to accommodate their addictions."

Along with being available for sex 24/7, AI sexbots might even become better at sex than humans since these machines can be programmed to meet each person's unique proclivities. This programmability might be healthy for human sex lives since it allows a person to do whatever he or she wants with a sexbot.

A recent survey by VoucherCodesPro, a British discount voucher codes firm, asked 2,816 sexually active Brits that said they'd have sex with a robot why they'd do it.

Seventy two percent said they thought the robots "would be very good at it" while 28 percent said it would be a new experience. 

AI sexbots might also replace prostitutes (as it did in the original version of the movie "West World") and might also help stamp out sexual slavery and trafficking.

Then, there's also the chance a sexbot might become smart enough it might be able to manipulate humans, which is what Alicia Vikander did as the AI robot Ava in the 2015 sci-fi hit movie, "Ex Machina."